Community Update 84


  • Release
  • Sprint
    • Sprint 35 in progress 
      • Main focus on cost accounting and genesis vault creation ceremony
      • Investigate long propose times
      • Increased testing
      • Optimizations and bug fixes

      • Node team
        • Investigate long propose times on testnet
      •  Consensus
        • Completing foundation for bonding and unbonding in Rholang  
        • Modify Casper to use internal messages instead of protobufs   RCHAIN-3677 Getting issue details... STATUS
        • Supports randomness in the validator protocol that will drive how validators move in and out of epochs. RCHAIN-3467 Getting issue details... STATUS   (design review in process)

      • Rspace
        • Address rspace bloat issues - We now have ability to collect statistics with traceID
        • Changes to rspace to address long propose times issue (parallel branch going through testing)
        • Implement merging contract calls  RCHAIN-3638 Getting issue details... STATUS   to support the new peek feature in Casper
      • Rholang Team
        • Processing a genesis block that includes RHOC balances (expected to be in testing end of today)
        • Unforgeable name-based REV Vault in review.   RCHAIN-3427 Getting issue details... STATUS  . You should be able to control REV from smart contracts once this feature is released.
      • SRE team
        • Sandbox up
        • Further optimizing test environments and tooling to enable multiple parallel testing by dev teams and community
      • Other
        • Exploring technical options and planning for Rhoc to Rev conversion

Mercury requirements and acceptance criteria

  • Testnet status
    • Testnet-1 is available. RCHAIN-3593 Getting issue details... STATUS  
      It has been unstable and we're investigating the issues. Needs code refresh with the next release.
    • Sandbox testnet has been setup.
    • Please see RChain public testnet information to learn more about public testnet as well as a FAQ.
  • Community testing
  • Security Audits
    • Security Audits will follow an iterative process
    • Can start now on
      • Comms
      • Rholang
      • RSpace

Blockers to testnet-2

  • See complete view in  RCHAIN-3168 Getting issue details... STATUS
  • Planned steps to address delay in the launch of testnet-2
    • Release testnet-2 incrementally
    • Revisit how we understand the blockers and are dedicating development effort to them

Risks to code completion for Mercury

  • Addition of work in Rholang and Rspace to address bloat in the tuplespace.  RCHAIN-3542 Getting issue details... STATUS
  • lite-weight registry implementation in Rholang. Plan to look at pseudo code for this later this week.  RCHAIN-3697 Getting issue details... STATUS

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