Community Update 66


  • Kelly is on a well-deserved break this week, so you get me instead! (smile)
  • Sprint and Release
    • 2-week sprint ends April 15. Priorities: Finish fixing HashSetCasperTest for cost accounting. Continue with RSpace rework, Starting work on validator incentives, and public Testnet-2 community validators, genesis ceremony with the issuance of test_REV based on RHOC, and claim genesis-issued test_REV, RSpace reworked.
    • RNode v0.9.2 to release week of April 15.
  • Mercury requirements and acceptance criteria
  • Testnet status
    • Testnet-1 is live. Our intention is to keep this functioning so the community can deploy rholang to this public testnet. Please see RChain public testnet information to learn more about public testnet as well as a FAQ
  • Community testing
    • Thursdays at 14:00 UTC. With the public testnet-1 live, we plan to use the community testnet as "office hours" for using the testnet.


  • Investigating IgnoreableEquivocation error showing up on Testnet-1.
  • Fixed issue where newly bonded validator's latest message should be the genesis block.
  • Fixed LCA same SeqNum in block message bug
  • MPC Cleanup: NFC: Extract BlockCreator from MPC 

Cost accounting

  •  Need to fix HashSetCasperTest failures to check in the cost accounting work. 



  • The long-term fix and the one required for mainnet, is in progress and original estimated of 3 weeks still stands. See  RCHAIN-3138 Getting issue details... STATUS  for more details.

Test infrastructure and performance testing

  • Adding more test coverage  RCHAIN-2848 Getting issue details... STATUS RCHAIN-3183 Getting issue details... STATUS
  • Testnet support: Testing with testnet-1 infrastructure and monitoring. Currently working on adding Grafana monitoring.
  • Long-running tests: Work in progress to automate the of long-running tests done,  RCHAIN-3100 Getting issue details... STATUS  and  RCHAIN-3150 Getting issue details... STATUS .


  • REV Vault lookup now based on REV Address, not public key.  (Aurtur mentioned he was close to checking this in when he did the demo last week.)

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