Community Update 101


  • Release
    • Node version 0.9.17 is the current release that includes cost accounting RNode-0.9.17 release plan
    • Testnet is running rnode version 0.9.17
    • Rnode 0.9.17 includes Cost Accounting and enhancements to and simplification of RSpace codebase. It is the base release for Testnet 3 before we go into public beta

    • Getting ready to release RNode-0.9.18 that includes Per Validator Vault based resolution of mergeability in the next few days. Final integration tests and bug fixing being completed currently. Network will be in Public Beta once this is released.
  • Sprint 42 in progress
    • Main focus is (a) mergeability (b) feature cleanup, testing, hardening, security, bug fixing of Testnet 3, Network safety and reliability (c) getting ready for exchanges and dApp developers
    • Many developers on much needed and well deserved vacation this week, as an extension of Thanksgiving holiday.
    • Mergeability
    • Hardening
      • In Progress - PR to secure access to protocol-private PoS methods   RCHAIN-3888 - Getting issue details... STATUS
      • Currently being analyzed - One bug since Cost accounting release is being addressed. Some times, if there are problems with a particular contract (e.g. insufficient funds, the node is unable to move forward with other deploys). We're actively investigating the issue and enhancing exception handling to catch and isolate such situations to not impact node  RCHAIN-3923 - Getting issue details... STATUS    RCHAIN-3912 - Getting issue details... STATUS   and  RCHAIN-3937 - Getting issue details... STATUS
      • Planning a combination of Scala property and law testing + generative tests + formal methods to get high coverage in a cost-effective manner.
      • Addressing critical issues with Mercury_Stability label.
    • Improve upon and simplify tools and documentation for dApp developers. 
      • Addressing dApp developer needs for HTTP interface 
      • Restarting Rcat (digital asset management) work to rebase on current code base. This should help dApp developers as well as help debug/harden the code base by exercising it.
      • Identified initial documentation needs for exchanges + developers, will be working on these.
      • Working on providing a two node network for dApp developers' exclusive use.
    • Performance improvements
      • Ongoing - Using flamegraphs to identify bottlnecks and adding improvements as possible. An example is improvement of ReplayRspace matching Currently seems to provide variable performance improvement. Correct Previous week's performance claim
      • Completed - Investigating the concurrency settings on the monix library and JVM to make sure they're set optimally
      • Investigating performance degradation noticed since the PR
    • Refactoring, Optimizations and bug fixes, hardening - ongoing 

Mercury requirements and acceptance criteria

Blockers to testnet-3

  • TBD

Risks to code completion for Mercury

  • Evaluating backlog vs current velocity 

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