Community Update 50


  • Test net
    • Known blockers: syncing to the state, surviving simultaneous proposals, and a timeout issue when the chain is >100 blocks
    • Challenge is the amount of time required to observe bugs and issues. Plan to run at test net overnight to augment the current test infrastructure. Investigating if we do this with Whiteblock infrastructure or internally.
  • RNode v0.8 release
  • Mercury requirements and acceptance criteria
    • Conversations continue to resolve open questions about proposed user stories with the Coop and platform stakeholders.
    • Work underway on creating acceptance criteria and tests to show completion status for defined user stories. We plan to release a dashboard with this as a work in progress next week.
  • Work with Whiteblock started. They are able to deploy RNode in their environment and plan to play with running our integration tests and test net scenarios this week as they complete the set up. Looking forward to meeting with them early next week to learn more about using this playground.

Rholang team:

  • Work to ensure stack safety continues. PR merged to fix StreamT transformer bug. Next steps to work on abstracting over the effect stack on hold until stability work is done.
  • Refactoring business logic to use a generic F and limit use of Task to boundary classes PR unblocked by integration tests issues. Review of PR is in progress and on hold until stability work is done.
  • Work in completed last week to update tests related to the new DAG API. Now working on block storage

Casper team 

  • Supported updates to tests related to the investigation of errors from simultaneous deploys.
  • Working to investigate issues found in test net.

Node team 

  • Priority is work related to platform stability.
  • Feedback request: The RNode software currently uses a TOML-formatted configuration file. There is a proposal to change to a HOCON-formatted configuration file. Learn more and share feedback on What format should we use for the RNode configuration file

Storage team

  • Implementation of ProtoUtil.conflicts complete to better support debugging in Casper by allowing identification of individual channels in produces and consumes in the replay log. 
  • Specification for peek is complete. Planning to start work next sprint pending the outcome of stability work the remainder of this week.

SRE team 

  • Migration of CI to Coop infrastructure is complete. Completing work to deploy the performance test harness and RDoctor (log aggregator). Ran a test net on the new infrastructure yesterday.
  • Building out comprehensive tests for Mercury deliverables
  • Supporting stability work efforts.

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