Community Update 8

  • Medha
    • 34 Downloads of the SDK package from Docker Hub so far
    • 947 Visitors to developer site.  
  • Compiler team:
    • Building normalizer and sorting for Rholang terms.
    • Investigating written Rholang interpreter for estimating contract costs
  • Node team:
    • Building Alpha Node API
    • Code coverage for storage in place - 89%  - 
    • Working on improving test coverage.
    • Initial implementation of storage done. 
    • Greenery and Path-to-Regex ports done. Moving on to integrating PathRegex code into Greenery
    • Moving on to implementing the Tuplespace in Scala next.
    • Implementing Mail relay to support forums for developer site.
  • Rosette team:
    • Location class rewrite complete - in review.
    • More OpCodes