Community Update 67


  • Sprint and Release
    • 2-week sprint ends April 15. Priorities: Finish fixing HashSetCasperTest for cost accounting. Continue with RSpace rework, Starting work on validator incentives, and public Testnet-2 community validators, genesis ceremony with the issuance of test_REV based on RHOC, and claim genesis-issued test_REV.
    • RNode v0.9.2 released on April 9. RNode-0.9.2 release plan.
  • Mercury requirements and acceptance criteria
  • Testnet status
    • Testnet-1 is live. Our intention is to keep this functioning so the community can deploy rholang to this public testnet. Please see RChain public testnet information to learn more about public testnet as well as a FAQ
  • Community testing
    • Thursdays at 14:00 UTC. With the public testnet-1 live, we plan to use the community testnet as "office hours" for using the testnet.


  • Investigating IgnoreableEquivocation error showing up on Testnet-1. One PR in and one open.
  • Work in progress to update Casper test-suite to allow completion of cost-accounting to come into the codebase. 
  • Starting work on slashing. Architecture for handling slashing transactions.

Cost accounting

  •  Work in progress to fix HashSetCasperTest failures to check in the cost accounting work. 


  • Significant work in progress with PRs in review to improve peering and broadcasting of messages to peers 

    key summary type status


  • The long-term fix and the one required for mainnet, is in progress and original estimated of 3 weeks still stands. See  RCHAIN-3138 Getting issue details... STATUS  for more details. One PR is merged and others open, however this work will not be usable until all work is complete and we remove the short-term fix.

Test infrastructure and performance testing

  • Testnet support: Currently working on improving debugging access to validators, completing dashboard, and user support.
  • Performance testing: Please see RChain platform performance for details on how we 1) measure performance on the platform and 2) tooling to support performance testing. At this time we know performance in terms of comm events/second is low due to our current work on RSpace renovation and backlog of tuning work.


  • With the completion of the wallet implementation, the team is now working on hardening of this feature.

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