Community Update 96


  • Release
    • Node version 0.9.15 is the current release RNode-0.9.15 release plan
    • Testnet is currenty running rnode version 0.9.15
    • The 0.9.15 includes the new type safe API (instead of Either), some fixes for Long Proposal Times Issue, Offchain-data API (events API) improvements and other incremental progress in features discussed below.

  • Sprint 40 in progress
    • Main focus is on reaching Testnet 3 (a) Cost accounting  (b) Long proposal times - Fairness Constraint and other improvements (d) Additional tests for multisig features (e) ongoing work in Casper tests independent of network layer (f) Ongoing work in Planning and implementation for Network safety, reliability and hardening
    • Cost accounting
      • Design and Scope of work at
      • Implementation in progress for these preliminary tasks needed for implementing the main portions of cost accounting:
        • Merged - Generalize NormalizerEnv -PR reviewed and changes made.
        • In review - Bulletproof unforgeable-name namespace uniqueness by prohibiting terms wider than Short.MAX_VALUE . Changes from the first set of reviews made. Waiting for final review and merge.
        • In Review - Created first PR to secure access to protocol-private PoS methods   RCHAIN-3888 Getting issue details... STATUS
      • The 'System Deploy' construct, RCHAIN-3767 Getting issue details... STATUS  necessary for cost accounting, is implemented and in review.  This is a huge PR and also contains the charging logic. Currently being reviewed in sections. Expected to be merged soon. Charging logic RCHAIN-3625 Getting issue details... STATUS  and RCHAIN-3624 Getting issue details... STATUS  
      • Substantial progress also made on Replay and Refund logic. PR is expected shortly  to be available for review.
      • In parallel, work has started on combinatorial Rholang terms in contracts, to test stability of cost accounting across such combinations. PR is expected to be available for review soon.
      • Remaining chunks of work in cost accounting are  (a) modifying existing tests to match the new code (b) writing additional tests (d) writing integration tests. Trying to maximally parallelize test writing effort. Working in shifts on large PRs. 
      • Once the PRs are in, we will be testing cost accounting in the sandboxnet even as the PR reviews proceed. We will start with genesis ceremony and run other tests.
    • Reduce long proposal times: 
    • In Review - Implementation of mult-sig vault features is ongoing as detailed in  RCHAIN-3392 Getting issue details... STATUS   RCHAIN-3196 Getting issue details... STATUS   RCHAIN-3223 Getting issue details... STATUS  and  RCHAIN-3773 Getting issue details... STATUS .  Additional changes are being made to the code to address a potential security issue identified in the reviews. In final review - Next step is to add more tests for this.
    • Add ability to leverage all the wallet tools built for Ethereum (such as Metamask)  RCHAIN-3866 Getting issue details... STATUS   and   RCHAIN-3867 Getting issue details... STATUS
    • Starting to capture some performance data, working with community members. 
    • Refactoring, Optimizations and bug fixes, hardening - ongoing 

Mercury requirements and acceptance criteria

Blockers to testnet-3

  • TBD

Risks to code completion for Mercury

  • Evaluating backlog vs current velocity 

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