Community Update 24

  • Kelly
    • Growth of development team - Two developers joining RSpace. One more joining the team before the end of the month.
    • Looking forward to releasing node-0.4 release plan next week. Demos available during the community update next Wed.
  • Rholang team:
    • Implementation of logical connectives 'AND' in Rholang, sorter and grammar complete.
    • Work in progress on implementing ERROR handling.
    • Work in progress to support method calls to the cryptography channel.
  • Node team:
  • Rosette team: 
    • Work related to op codes: proto schema for exporting op codes, and implementation of the global environment
  • Website - 
    • RCon3 conference page now available.
  • RCon3
    • Thanks for feedback to our survey to help plan the program
    • Call for speakers is open. Please see for full details and application. We are taking submissions through June 1.