Community Update 55


  • Welcome Chris Boscolo as product owner.
  • Sprint and Release
    • 2-week sprint ends Jan. 21 Priority is platform stability, bug fixes, and feature specification.
    • Extreme coding session planned for next week in Warsaw with Greg and the team. Priorities are implementation of cost accounting and wallets.
    • RNode v0.8.2 released on Jan. 7. Please see RNode-0.8.2 release plan for more details.
    • RNode v0.8.3 releases week of Jan. 21
  • Mercury requirements and acceptance criteria
  • Work with Whiteblock
  • Test net status
    • A public test net is not yet available. 
    • A view of the issues blocking launch of a public test net is available here.
    • Platform stability is priority #1 for most people on the team.


  • Almost done with effort make changes the codebase to use F consistently, rather than mixing F and Task;  RCHAIN-2227 Getting issue details... STATUS .
  • Work in progress to update the performance test harness and deliver a contract to measure performance in terms of COMM events. This will be used to support baseline and regression testing for all commits. 


  • Updated User guide for running RNode with change for how to call metrics to find out peer count. 
  • Related to supporting blocks of various sizes, PR for  RCHAIN-1615 Getting issue details... STATUS  merged. It introduces a circuit breaker mechanism to support the handler deciding
    to break a circuit based on how much data was read so far and to not continue handling the stream if it is too large for the node. Next step is to specify and implement what conditions should trigger the circuit breaker;  RCHAIN-2792 Getting issue details... STATUS .
  • Work started on new configuration file format;  RCHAIN-1944 Getting issue details... STATUS


  • PR for blockskore received final approval today. Next PR is in to provide block storage checkpointing.  RCHAIN-652 Getting issue details... STATUS
  • Test for block finalization in development;  RCHAIN-2846 Getting issue details... STATUS  to help investigate a finalization bug blocking platform stability.


  • This week we replace the Turan oracle with the clique safety oracle;  RCHAIN-2835 Getting issue details... STATUS . This should help us debug any issues with the safety oracle

    as now we aren't using a lower bound on the maximum clique size.

  • Investigating a bug related to an assertion error and the safety oracle;  RCHAIN-2805 Getting issue details... STATUS . This is related to bonding and the agreement with the safety oracle about the status of a newly bonded validator. There was a PR last week that addressed one cause of this error. However, we observed the error again in yesterday's community test and for a different reason. Looking to the investigation to show if. this is a blip or something more serious. Simultaneously work is underway to expand and improve the test coverage for various bonding scenarios;  RCHAIN-2831 Getting issue details... STATUS

SRE team 

  • Developing tests to validate status of Mercury feature requirements.
  • Addressing bug observed in RDoctor during this week's community test.
  • Implementation work started on a monitoring system for coop-maintained nodes, including bootstrap nodes.

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