• Sprint and Release
    • 2-week sprint ends March 4 Priorities: consensus stability, wallet and cost accounting implementation, blockstore refinement
    • RNode v0.8.4 release delayed by  RCHAIN-2909 - Getting issue details... STATUS  . Plan to release at the end of the current sprint. RNode-0.8.4 release plan
  • Mercury requirements and acceptance criteria
  • Test net status
    • A public test net is not yet available. 
    • A view of the issues blocking launch of a public test net is available here.
    • Work in progress to publish the public testnet rollout plan.

Block storage

  • Implementation PR is in dev and work in progress to update the platform so it can work.  RCHAIN-2246 - Getting issue details... STATUS


  • InvalidParents bug resolved. Fix tested during this week's community test.  RCHAIN-2909 - Getting issue details... STATUS
  • Work continues to complete the use of greatest common ancestor rather than last finalized block in the estimator. 

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  • Conversations continue this week related to Validator Incentives and Casper

Cost accounting

  • Work in progress to implement common cost accounting across different layers of the platform: reducer, spatial matcher, and RSpace match component. Work described in 

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  • Work in progress to update metrics in RSpace in support of performance test work.
  • Work in progress to update the communication protocol between client and node.  RCHAIN-2928 - Getting issue details... STATUS

Test infrastructure and performance testing

  • Debugging differences in reporting observed in Prometheus and InfluxDB in the performance test harness.
  • Work in progress to build out the infrastructure and support systems for the public testnet.


  • PR in review for development of the REVAddress.  RCHAIN-2967 - Getting issue details... STATUS

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