Community Update 2

  • Medha
    • Roadmap - aiming to have a draft version for internal review by dev team.  Will have some holes in it.
    • Sprint entry this week.  Large number of developers now, we have split the group into 3.

Compiler Group: → RHOL board

  • Kyle, Joe, Kent, Eitan, Michael

VM Group: → ROS Board

  • Timm, Alex, Keith

Node Group: -→ CORE board

  • Chris, Yaraslau, Jeremy
  • Focus on delivering the SDK 0.1 by early February.
    • Updated Rholang specification & tutorials to match what the compiler supports
    • Line numbers for Lexer errors and compiler errors to be implemented.
    • Packaging & User Experience
    • Get Rosette ready for release in the SDK.
    • Infrastructure for web compiler
  • Compiler team is concentrating on what features are needed in Rholang for Mercury
    • Documenting at which level we will enforce cost and resource bounds and a reasoning on why we did it that way.
    • Making decisions on what we will deliver for Cost enforcement for Mercury
  • Node team:
    • Node http api - start designing and implementing
    • Storage query unification
    • Assist with SDK Packaging
    • Node penetration testing
    • Node Community test planned for Friday afternoon 3 pm Pacific. Join us in #node-testing on Discord.
  • Rosette team:
    • C++ work to support SDK release
    • Scala team - focus on running 'helloworld.rho' & port more OpCodes