Community Update 13

  • Medha
    • Planning Releases -March 15th Node.Void
    • March 29th, Node.02
    • Team entered new Sprints on Monday
  • Compiler team:
    • Continued work on the Rholang normalizer.
    • Implementing a match algorithm, which gives a flavor of spatial types.
    • Crypto API work turned over to Node team for use in Communications for Encryption.
    • Rev system contract in Rholang in Github.
  • Node team:
    • Metrics for Prometheus monitoring tool implemented.
    • Packaging and Continuous Integration work to automatically build rpm and packages in addition to Docker.
    • Storage Monadic API progressing well.
  • Rosette team:
    • First OpCode contribution to project from Community member - AbnerZheng!
    • Tuple primitives implemented. 
    • RBL Compiler Engineering planning.