Community Update 72


  • Sprint and Release
    • Sprint 29 in progress. Priorities are:
      • Consensus team
        • Bug fixes in genesis ceremony and network joining
        • Continue on implementation of validator incentives and slashing
      • Node team
        • UX improvements
        • Optimizations
      • Rholang team
        • Completion of work to bridge cost accounting with the wallet and proof of stake contract
        • Start work on multisig wallet
        • Bug fixes
      • RSpace team
        • Test and release the renovated RSpace
        • Complete analysis of bloat in the tuplespace
    • Release - Work toward RNode v0.9.5. RNode-0.9.5 release plan
  • Mercury requirements and acceptance criteria
  • Testnet status
  • Community testing
    • Thursdays at 14:00 UTC. 


  • Discussing Validator Incentives and Casper for the next few weeks to complete what will be implemented for Mercury and to capture recommendations for different approaches for future releases.
  • Resolved  RCHAIN-3250 Getting issue details... STATUS  and in doing so delivered nice refactoring in the Casper engine. Very pleased to see a ~10 minute reduction in the time required for the test_successful_genesis_ceremony integration test. 
  • Slashing PR in review.  RCHAIN-2381 Getting issue details... STATUS
  • Continuing discussions about ways to resolve  RCHAIN-3218 Getting issue details... STATUS .


  • Moving the propose API to an internal port.  RCHAIN-872 Getting issue details... STATUS
  • PR in review to support generating public/private key pairs via the command line.  RCHAIN-3161 Getting issue details... STATUS
  • PR in review to complete the circuit for big messages RCHAIN-2792 Getting issue details... STATUS
  • Started work to address a bug that fills up logs when the queue for streaming messages if full.  RCHAIN-3240 Getting issue details... STATUS


  • Work in progress to bridge cost accounting, wallets, and the proof of stake contract.  RCHAIN-3135 Getting issue details... STATUS
  • Work started to lay groundwork for the implementation of the multisig wallet with the revision of the Draft multisig vault design following last week's retreat and implementation of an on-chain identity token.  RCHAIN-3405 Getting issue details... STATUS
  • Several bug investigations this sprint related to cost accounting and string interpolation.


  • Work in progress to test the renovated RSpace in development test suite and performance test harness. If this goes well, the next step will be to run the new RSpace in the dev testnet for at least 48 hours, and if that goes well we will release to the public testnet. 

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  • RSpace team leading the effort to investigate Rholang bloat in the tuplespace. Outcomes of last week's dev retreat included:
    • Deeper analysis of what's happening in the tuplespace during the execution of a token transfer. Completed this for the current RSpace and started in the renovated RSpace. 
    • Introduce an encoder/decoder for Rholang
    • Continue investigation in the performance of the AST in the Rholang interpreter


  • Improvements to the performance test harness including deployment of InfluxDB instead of Prometheus and revision to the automation to trigger the harness on all commits to the project
  • In addition to Whiteblock, work in progress to implement additional infrastructure to support the hardening effort. This sprint includes  RCHAIN-3381 Getting issue details... STATUS


  • We are making a change to the REVAddress based on decisions made during the dev retreat
    • REVAddress will be based on secp256k1 instead of ed25519.
    • The REV Address format will be based on an algorithm that shares the first few steps with Ethereum, allowing people to use the private key associated with their Ethereum address to claim REV after the issuance of REV based on RHOC at the launch of mainnet.

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