Community Update 107


  • Release
    • Node version 0.9.19 is the current release - public beta 2 - that resolves all known mergeability issues and has improved web APIs RNode-0.9.19 release plan
    • Testnet is running rnode version 0.9.19 This is the public beta 2 release.
    • Getting ready to release 0.9.20 with the final bug fixes including fixes for 'insufficient phlo' crashing the node.  

  • Sprint 45 in progress
    • Main focus is making the mainnet release
    • Slashed Funds to be deposited into coop wallet
      • PR is published and currently in review - Expecting it to be finished and merged in a day or two - - This allows refunding of the funds if the slashing is due to a software error  RCHAIN-3993 - Getting issue details... STATUS
    •  Hardening
      • Merged - 'insufficient phlo' bringing down the node - PR . Likely to be included in Release 0.9.20
      • It was determined that  RCHAIN-3937 - Getting issue details... STATUS  even though reported as resulting from 'insufficient phlo' is actually caused by any error. We know how to replicate the problem and have more information about where in the code the error is occurring (In Rspace in-memory snapshots of tuple space - in some cases, a consume is lost between snapshots, resulting in an execution failure) and are investigating a suitable fix. There is a work around - it gets fixed if the node is restarted. 
    • Casper and block storage
    • dApp developer tools and documentation. 
      • Likely to be released post-mainnet: Currently in as a Draft PR - being reviewed and improved - Exploratory Deployments feature is being worked on, to allow developers to run deployments and rollback. This is API3 described in Obtaining Data   RCHAIN-3979 - Getting issue details... STATUS   RCHAIN-3981 - Getting issue details... STATUS   and among other things, allows to check for balance without paying REV   RCHAIN-4002 - Getting issue details... STATUS
    • Performance improvements
    • Refactoring, Optimizations and bug fixes, hardening - ongoing 

Mercury requirements and acceptance criteria

Blockers to Mainnet

  • TBD

Risks to code completion for Mercury


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