Community Update 47


  • Running a 1-week sprint as we finish work on planning for RNode v0.8 release
  • Starting the recruitment and interview process to build the team. 
  • Upgrade to Java 10 is complete in the development branch and will be in the next release. 

Rholang team:

  • Improvements to tests related to name registry and the interpreter.
  • Work continues to proof against StackOverflowErrors related to deeply nested AST.
  • Refactoring work to improve stability. There was a mixture of F and Task produces, and unsafeRunSync and Task.delay. Refactoring business logic to use a generic F and limit use of Task to boundary classes. Currently updating tests based on refactoring work.
  • Work to persist DAG on disk merged this week. Work in progress to update tests for this feature and to deliver the new DAG API.

Casper team 

  • Fixes in for bugs blocking test net functionality: genesis ceremony, block passing, and assuring nodes process transactions in blocks in the correct order. Team will test tomorrow.
  • Working on improving test suite of Casper features.
  • Work in progress to restart work on cost accounting features.

Node team 

  • Investigation and resolution of bugs is a priority this week. Working with Casper and SRE teams to support.

Storage team

  • Team investigating bugs in tests.
    • Found the cause of a particularly burdensome bug "java.lang.Exception: Unknown root" and work started on a fix.
    • Investigation a bug observed on a test net "java.lang.Exception: Attempted to remove a continuation from a value that doesn't exist"
  • Thread pool separation for RSpace complete. We'll be looking at system performance based on this change and likely discover fine tuning work related to this.

SRE team 

  • Planning for migration to new infrastructure. Work to be complete by end of the month.
  • Investing test failures, test improvements and implementing fixes in CI.

RChain test net

  • All teams working to resolve blockers to test net.

Support for dApp developers

  • Conversations planned for this week with dApp developers and core team developers to align on features to deliver with Mercury. Basis for conversation captured in CORE-1162 Getting issue details... STATUS .

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