Community Update 114


  • Release
    • Node version 0.9.24 is the current release - second update post-mainnet - Housekeeping changes and meeting requirements of potential exchanges RNode-0.9.24 release plan
    • Testnet is currently running rnode version 0.9.24  
    • Mainnet is running RNode-0.9.23.  

  • Sprint 49 in progress
    • Main Focus: hardening the mainnet, improve performance, make usability improvements.
    • Current Work In Progress - slow and steady
      • Configuration changes to make node deployments easier and cleaner - nutzipper working to complete this task and create tests
      • Ongoing - Improvements to last finalized state initial draft PR issued  but quite a bit of work involved still. The PR and the branch are structured so that multiple people can collaborate/ work on different parts of the feature at the same time. The scope of this work enables (a) faster catchup by new nodes - you can start from the last finalized state - this is a differentiator for RChain (b) offloading older data and differentiated storage and retrieval strategies for the same (c) allows for a leaner / less bloated node
      • Creating a node.js API for exchanges that need it. We anticipate PR being available for review in the next couple of days. 
      • Augmenting and rationalizing monitoring of mainnet and other nets, including distributing monitoring over multiple cloud providers, for resilience 
      • The team is trying to expand development team through Teachouts, both for core development and dApps - Tuesday wallet and dApp sessions, short videos etc.
    • Current Backlog (partial)
      • Improve merging in system deploys
      • Improve Triemerge
      • Improve multi-parent Casper enablement
      • Implement sharding capabilities
      • Improve logging to be able to learn what API calls are being used, so they can be related to resource use and performance etc
      • Rholang 1.1 to improve syntax and user experience / learning curve
  • Tech-Governance meetings on Thursdays 10 AM Eastern, 7 Am Pacific 

Mercury requirements and acceptance criteria

Blockers to Mainnet

  • TBD

Risks to code completion for Mercury


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