RChain public testnet information


The purpose of this page is to provide information about the plan for releasing a public testnet, the status of the public testnet, and information for RNode operators, dapp developers, and test_Rev holders to interact with the public testnet.

How to connect your node to testnet (English) - https://rchain-community.readme.io/docs/connecting-your-node-to-testnet

How to connect your node to testnet (Chinese) - https://www.jianshu.com/p/1f50191eaf72

Testnet status

Betanet working.

VersionRChain RNode v0.11.0-alpha.2 (https://github.com/rchain/rchain/releases/tag/v0.11.0-alpha.2)

Network IDtestnet210604

Shard name - testnet2

Bootstrap address


Status - Available 

Validator status available at https://collectd.rchain-dev.tk.

Issues related to testnet

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We plan to launch and relaunch a public testnet according to the plan below.

The availability of a public testnet depends on the stability of the RChain platform. Because of that there may be additional updates to the public testnet in response to improvements to the platform. For example, it's possible to imagine a need to relaunch the network between Testnet-1and Testnet-2 in response to a bug fix.

In the event of the need for a relaunch or update not shown on the roadmap, we will communicate the plan and timing via updates to this page and notifications in the RChain discord server.

*Launch dates for each phase of testnet are estimates based on known dependencies. Use the links below to learn more about these.

  • Testnet-2 dependencies shown on  RCHAIN-3168 - Getting issue details... STATUS
  • Testnet-3 dependencies shown on  RCHAIN-3169 - Getting issue details... STATUS
  • Testnet-4 dependencies shown on  RCHAIN-3332 - Getting issue details... STATUS


Currently this FAQ is a work in progress. This means there are more questions than answers (smile). However, asking the questions now, helps ensure we focus on getting answers by the time they're needed.

Have a question not shown below? Please ask your question as a comment on this page.

I want to run a RNode, what version of the software do I need?

Please use the most recent release of RNode. You can find this on the releases page in GitHub, https://github.com/rchain/rchain/releases, or https://developer.rchain.coop.

How do I connect to the RChain public testnet network?

Please connect via the bootstrap node using the address below. If you need more information about running RNode and connecting to a network, please see User guide for running RNode.


How will I know if and when to update my RNode software?

At this time we will use this wiki page and the #testnet channel in the RChain discord to make announcements about updating your RNode software.

How can I get test_REV to use on the public testnet?

To use test_REV on Testnet you will perform the following steps:

  1. Create a REV Address which will hold your test_REV. The REV Address can be created off-chain using a client-side tool.
    Instructions on how to do this can be found TBD
  2. Post a message in the Discord #testnet channel asking for someone to send you test_REV to your REV Address
    There are several members of the team that monitor this channel and will send test_REV to your address.

Where can I learn how to deploy Rholang?

General instructions for deploying Rholang when running a read-only node

Please see User guide for running RNode to learn how to deploy Rholang.

Select a validator to deploy to

To deploy Rholang to one of the RChain public testnet validators please select one of the validators below to include in your specification of --grpc-host.


What happens to Rholang I've deployed when there is a relaunch of the public testnet?

Here relaunch means a complete shutdown of the network and clearing validator nodes of any saved information about the network and blockchain. In this scenario, any data previously deployed to the blockchain will be deleted. We recognize this will be inconvenient for those using the public testnet to support dApp development efforts. However, this is still a pre-release phase of the RChain platform and we reserve the right to issue breaking changes and not yet support backward compatibility. 

To help you in the event of a relaunch, we will do our best to announce it beforehand both on this page and in the #testnet channel in the RChain discord.

What happens to Rholang I've deployed when there is an update to the software, but not a relaunch of the public testnet?

Unlike a relaunch, an update to software of nodes supporting the network should not result in lost data.

Where can I learn how to transfer test_REV?

Please see the demo script and supporting Rholang contracts at https://github.com/rchain/rchain/tree/v0.9.12/rholang/examples/vault_demo.

I'm a RHOC holder, will I automatically be able to claim genesis-issued test_REV at the launch of Testnet-3?

No. We may support this process in Testnet-4.

How can I be a community validator at the launch of Testnet and what are the requirements?

Interested in being a validator during Testnet? Please read more about the responsibilities on Information for testnet launchers and validators. Register your interest at https://forms.gle/hj1Q8USH3N4fVrVw9

If you are interested in validating on the public testnet in April, please prepare by becoming familiar with RNode operation. See the User guide for running RNode for support and consider participating in the weekly RChain community RNode testing.

Where can I learn more about validator rewards earned on the public testnet?


Where can I learn more about validator slashing on the public testnet?


During Testnet-3, how do I join as a new validator?