2018-10-17 CORE standup Meeting notes


Oct 17, 2018


  • @Rita Allen

  • @Dominik Zajkowski

  • @Pawel Szulc (Unlicensed)

  • @Kelly Foster

  • @Medha Parlikar (Unlicensed)

  • @Łukasz Gołębiewski (Unlicensed)

  • @Alexander Pyatin (Unlicensed)

  • @Sebastian Bach

  • @Keith McQueen

  • @Adam Szkoda

  • @Tomáš Virtus

  • @Tom Vasile


  • status on current sprint (18)

Apologies to the team members on zoom room confusion - PM fail - will be better.

Action items

@Pawel Szulc (Unlicensed) Write down your suggestion regarding the appropriate places to use serialization and the protobuf library. Seems that its usefulness is limited to smaller payloads. This decision impacts many other team members so we must get consensus and agreement. Starts with a proposal. Due: Oct 19, 2018so that we can begin the work in the next sprint.
@Dominik Zajkowski reach out to SRE team @Adam Szkoda @Tomáš Virtus @Tom Vasile to discuss running benchmarks on private machine