Creating a common project in Jira

OutcomeWe will move to a common project "RChain" in Jira at the end of the current sprint on Dec. 24.
Due date


Oh my word! We have 3 projects in Jira capturing issues related to RChain platform development. I perhaps made sense at one time, but now it makes planning, prioritizing, and visualizing difficult as we have a team working on issues across the 3 project. The proposal here is to create a new project "RChain" and bring in all issues (open, in progress, and done) from CORE, RHOL, and OPS into the new project.

All issues in one project to better support devs currently working across projectsEpic and issue numbering will change, but relationships of issues to epics, and issues to issues will be preserved
All issues in one project to better support devs and PM with tracking and planning


Move all issues to a new project for the start of the next sprint planned to start Jan. 2.

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