The RChain project in Jira

The content on this page describes how we use the RChain project in Jira to plan, manage, and create a working history of our work.


Between June 2017-December 2018 we managed work in 4 projects in Jira: CORE, OPS, RHOL, and ROS. This segmentation created difficulties as the project grew and the team worked across segments. At the end of December we moved the contents of CORE, OPS, and RHOL to a common project RCHAIN. ROS remains a separate project related to the paused work on the Roscala VM.

RCHAIN project sprint board and backlog.

Notes about the transition to RCHAIN

  • All tickets previously in CORE, OPS, and RHOLANG moved to the RCHAIN project and have new ticket numbers (RCHAIN-xxx).
  • All relationships (epics → stories, stories → sub-tasks) were maintained in the transition
  • All labels, comment history, component information, and version numbers were maintained in the transition. 
  • Saved issue filters may need to be updated if they relied on filtering by project, version, and/or component.