Deprecated - How to submit issues for bounty work

Note: The RChain cooperative no longer supports a bounty program.

Whenever possible, we want to create opportunities for developers from the community to contribute to the work of the RChain project.This page describes the process for identifying work and creating Jira issues for bounty work on the RChain project.


Not all issues are well-suited for bounty work. Please keep the following in mind as you think about creating an issue for bounty:

  • If a current or near-term sprint depends on the completion of the work, it is not a good fit for bounty work. Completion timelines are harder to manage for work done outside of the formal development team.
  • If the issue covers a broad scope of requirements, it is not a good fit for bounty work. Consider breaking the work into smaller issues. This helps assure completion and accuracy.
  • If you are unable to be specific about the requirements and frame criteria for both what done and good look like, it is not a good candidate for bounty work. 
  • Can the work be divided into short (<100 lines of code) pull requests? If not, it is not a good candidate for bounty work. Short pull requests support quality control and help to quickly identify if a developer's work will meet quality standards.

Step-by-step guide

  1. Create a new issue in Jira. 
  2. Capture specifications in the description.

    Be sure the description includes the complete requirements for the work, tips or guidance that would help someone get started or complete the work, and a clear description of what done and good look like.
  3. Update the story points to reflect the value of the work.

    Estimating story points

    Estimating tickets:

    The team estimates tickets using the Story point method.   If you find that you are unable to estimate a ticket, stop and go evaluate the work involved in the ticket.  If you still find that the ticket is larger than 21 story points, then the scope of the ticket is too large.  Break the ticket up into pieces that you can estimate.

    Here are some articles that can help you understand the methodology:

    First Approximation of mapping hours to Story points*

    • 1,2,3,5,8,13,21
    • 1 point - approx 1 hour
    • 2 - 2 hours
    • 3 - half a day
    • 5 - 1 day
    • 8 - 3 days
    • 13 - 1 week
    • 21 - 2 weeks of work

    *  This is an approximation only.  There is no intention to story point on the basis of hours.  That defeats the purpose. This is only here to help describe how more points = more effort.

  4. Label the issue "proposed". This will queue the issue up for review by the program manager before being released for bounty.

Bounties for Development work