2018-10-22 Retrospective CORE sprint


What did we do well?What should we have done better?
  • Tests from the server used to hang. This sprint identified the issue
  • Switched to new integration tests!
  • Close to switch to Java 10.
  • Released RNode v0.7 
  • Kudos to the team for completing work for the release and release
  • Work being done on performance - We've learned about performance and are working toward improvements.
  • For next retrospective, everyone could come to this meeting prepared.
  • Concern there is not a good process for research and discovery - We have a good way to deliver features and bug fixes. The agile process does not support the extended and sometimes ambiguous, unquantifiable work of research and discovery. It creates a situation where developers don't appear to be delivering quantifiable work in the cadence of a sprint.
    • When it goes well it includes documentation of research and findings. 
  • Observation that we don't have documentation for how we write code on this project.


  • Everyone, prepare to give retrospectives for the next exit