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Start date7 May 2018
Sprint7 May 2018
Sprint4 June 2018
Sprint18 June 2018
Sprint2 July 2018
Release from development9 July 2018
Membership demo11 July 2018
Release12 July 2018

Development team

Marketing team

Marketing leadContent owner
Patrick MaguireKelly Foster


Nash FosterCEO, Pyrofex
Lucius MeredithPresident, RChain Cooperative

Release summary

Simple overview

Technical overview

What is this release able to demonstrate?

History and rollback

  • Clients should be able to save the current state of RSpace in the form of a checkpoint (root hash of a given Merkle Patricia Trie)
  • Clients should be able to reset the state of RSpace to a given checkpoint.
  • Possibly out of scope: Provide a mechanism for clients to have access to the state (leaves) at a a given checkpoint.  This is needed in order to allow new validators to join an existing network.

COMM event traces

  • Clients should be able to acquire a log of all produces, consumes, and COMM Events ("matches") that have occurred in RSpace since the last call to getCheckpoint.
  • Given a log of COMM Events, we need to be able to run RSpace in  a "rigged mode" where a new produce or consume that matches the one in the log will cause RSpace to return the same result

Metric for tracking success

What is special about this release?

Are we doing something differently? If so, why are we doing it this way?

Before these features were available, what were developers able to do with RChain?

After these features launch, what will developers be able (and not able) to do with RChain?

Description of release packaging

RSpace will be included in the packages for RNode v0.6.

Release packaging includes:

  • Docker image and installer guide
  • Debian package 
  • RMP package
  • .zip file
  • tar.gz file

Where do developers go to learn more and get started?

Where will bugs be filed?

Bugs can be filed on our JIRA.

Where do developers go for support? What is the SLA? Who is on point?

Developers can post questions to the RChain developer forum: This forum is monitored and developers can expect a response within 24 hours.

What license will this be released under?

The RChain software is licensed under Apache License, version 2.0

Rholang is licensed under the MIT License (MIT)

The Docker image is licensed under the GPL 2.0 License

Jira issues in this release

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