FAQs when using Test.net

This is Rita's brain dump after observing the test on  

For background on bonding through the faucet see Tutorial on bonding through the faucet

  1. Q: How do I install and run a RNode? A: See User guide for running RNode
  2. Q: How do I get a key pair to use as a validator? A: RNode supports the use of ed25519 keys. You can generate these keys using standard ssh key gen tools that support ed25519 keys. Never share your public key!
  3. Q: Where can I see my private key?
  4. Q: Where can I see my public key?
  5. Q: I want to deploy a contract to the network, how do I find the IP address of a validator node to deploy to?
  6. Q: I want to bond as a validator to the network, how do I find the IP address of a validator node to deploy my forward and bonds files?
  7. Q: Where can I see the hash for.....?
  8. Q: What is the amount parameter for?
  9. Q: What value does the amount value have to be?
  10. Q: How can I see the value of my bond?
  11. Do I have to deploy before I propose?
  12. How do I know my state is up to date?
  13. Fork split head node is 0 - what does that mean?
  14. Show blocks is only showing one block - is that right?

Error messages you may see and what they mean:

IssueDescriptionWhat it meansWorkaroundHow to help
RHOL-917UNKNOWN: after show blocks

please update the report with what was happening when you encountered the issue
RHOL-953Seen when ask for show-block
root@kelly:~# rnode show-block b91b4da3f4
status: "Error: Failure to find block with hash b91b4da3f4"