Tutorial on bonding through the faucet

This is a pretty rough outline (mostly just pasted commands I did) but hopefully it is enough to get a clean write up going.

Start the node

./bin/rnode run -s --has-faucet --validator-private-key d77d8280f6faef40130e440867e9e5429d0de5d64e8d22e9acb48b3c46b3d76a

Open a new terminal session/tab

./bin/rnode generateFaucetBondingDeploys --amount 50 --private-key f125a9be1c5700837bfc02fab02046522ab84b9d3067609238e7dcca66a35019 --public-key 055f847902317e85c81d7dc96e8e7fb9109f8da53ceda2c3aaa7dc76b4624a0a -s ed25519

Deploy the forwarder and create a new block with it

./bin/rnode deploy --phlo-limit 50000000 --phlo-price 1 forward_055f847902317e85c81d7dc96e8e7fb9109f8da53ceda2c3aaa7dc76b4624a0a.rho

./bin/rnode propose

Deploy the bonding and create a new block with it

./bin/rnode deploy --phlo-limit 50000000 --phlo-price 1 bond_055f847902317e85c81d7dc96e8e7fb9109f8da53ceda2c3aaa7dc76b4624a0a.rho

./bin/rnode propose

Start up a node with the newly bonded validator (on a different VM)

./bin/rnode run --validator-private-key f125a9be1c5700837bfc02fab02046522ab84b9d3067609238e7dcca66a35019

Wait until this node connects to the previous node
Open a new terminal session/tab (on the different VM)

// Just use any contract - I just chose tut-hello.rho
./bin/rnode deploy --phlo-limit 50000000 --phlo-price 1 ~/Documents/rchain/rholang/examples/tut-hello.rho

./bin/rnode propose