2019-01-03 Meeting notes: wallet dApp


Jan 18, 2019


  • @Kelly Foster

  • @Ovidiu Deac

  • @Former user (Deleted)

  • @Dan Connolly

  • @Lucius Meredith

  • @Chris Boscolo


  • How to best support users viewing Rev Send and Receive history via a command line wallet

Discussion topics





Ed’s post from Discord on Dec. 24

@odeac: and I had a good discussion just now. Looks like the mechanism for a wallet dApp to get the history of a user's Rev sends and receives might be best implemented with a new Account contract abstraction that stores its own history. The existing BasicWallet and Purse contracts and other block/DAG mechanisms obscure that type of audit trail (which could be considered a feature). However, for the adoption of RChain, a user must be able to see their conventionally transacted Rev Send and Receive history from a co-op provided dApp (e.g. a command-line wallet). WalletCheck will likely need some enhancements. I'm hoping that @odeac: or others will arrange a meeting for himself and some subset of @dckc: @kayvan: @kellyfoster: @Ned: @Kent: and me later this week to discuss how some of the requirements will be implemented.

User stories proposed for Mercury


Dan and Ed ideas for command line wallet


Related Jira issues

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Higher abstraction of a wallet

  • Don’t give purse and wallet to users,

    • Challenge is it is difficult for users and creates risks creating contracts that add complexity where it’s not needed


Rholang challenges

  • Contract for wallet is not so difficult

  • Ovidiu discussed with Kent

  • What is difficult is preparing the Rholang infrastructure and test and debug the contract

    • NEED ability to test and debug Rholang outside of the VM

  • IDEA a wallet could be encapsulated in a single contract

Naming conventions for wallets

  • Concern the RChain wallet is not aligned to the industry. It will confuse users

  • Recommendation for nomenclature

    • Change how we've used “wallet” to date

    • Definitions

      • wallet = Client app for interacting with funds

      • account = Contract storing REV, public interface for storage of funds

      • purse = implementation detail and not visible to users of an account. Risk of losing traceability of funds.

  • design an account and an account contract

Open questions

Action items

@Kelly Foster try to schedule meeting for Sat, Jan . 5 re: open questions