Read Only Nodes


A Node that sees everything, but cannot propose blocks.  This is a full node that does not participate in CASPER. 

Reasons for Supporting RON's

  • Without RON's,  activities in shards would be impervious to scrutiny by observers.
  • Users have an expectation that obtaining blocks via a gossip network is possible, and will fork the code base to make this happen if we do not offer the feature.
  • Give RON's access to all blocks, and let application developers do what they wish with the data.


  • Full nodes
  • Small bond amount - set by the CoOp via governance.
  • Cannot propose blocks.
  • Have the right to slash but have to pay for slashing transaction, and the accusation would be routed to the validator.  The RON would not get any of the slash.
  • These nodes have the option to validate if they wish, but they will not be paid for the work.

RON's should just participate in the consensus gossip network

Every node should have an identity that is separate from the public key that is created as part of the TLS


  • RON's can slash, but they need to call a smart contract (send a transaction to a validator) - and pay for the transaction.  The Validator in turn would need to call the slashing API.