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Start dateOct.10, 2018
Release from developmentTBD

Development team

DevelopersProject managerPage owner

Kelly FosterKelly Foster

Marketing team

Marketing lead

Release summary

Simple overview

The goal of this project is to publish documentation of Rholang's syntax and semantics.

Technical overview

Metric for tracking success

What is special about this release?

Are we doing something differently? If so, why are we doing it this way?

Before these features were available, what were developers able to do with RChain?

After these features launch, what will developers be able (and not able) to do with RChain?

Description of release packaging

Where do developers go to learn more and get started?

Where will bugs be filed?

Where do developers go for support? What is the SLA? Who is on point?

What license will this be released under?

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