Cost accounting

Purpose of this page

The goal of this page is to consolidate documents and Jira tickets related to cost accounting for the purpose of supporting the team learning about this features, status of implementation, and open questions prior to the working session Jan. 23-25.

Action requested Please edit this page as needed to add or correct information and create a list of issues to address during the working session.

Mercury requirements

Please see for user stories related to cost accounting. These are the priority and focal point for our work.

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Open questions and ideas

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Charge for the team on Jan. 25

  • Mitigating DOS concern
  • Need to document who pays for what
  • Figure out how to make the program stop when it runs out of phlogiston 
  • Figure out how to estimate costs 
    • Idea: run locally and take an average
    • Idea: run on a read-only node and take an average
    • Concern: providing estimates for a program with non-determinism (ex: first-come, first-served scenarios like in ticketing for travel)
  • Review for cost accounting