20180828 RNode community testing

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Each week we invite community members to help test RNode.

  • When - Tuesdays at 14:00 UTC
  • Where - This meeting takes place online using Zoom
    • Join from PC, Mac, Linux, iOS or Android: https://zoom.us/j/134156866
    • Or iPhone one-tap :
          US: +16468769923,,134156866# or +16699006833,,134156866#
    • Or Telephone:
          Dial(for higher quality, dial a number based on your current location):
              US: +1 646 876 9923 or +1 669 900 6833
          Meeting ID: 134 156 866
          International numbers available: https://zoom.us/u/rDfBtpt
  • Additional communications are posted in #node-testing on the RChain Discord.

What you can expect this week

This week we will run performance tests with the network created during the testing session. These will be similar to the performance tests planned for RCon3.

We will also test fixes for:

key summary type assignee reporter status resolution

Steps for testing

  • NEW Add your IP address in the row of your selected validator key pair. We need this information to analyze the performance testing. Add your IP address here.
  • Install and run RNode
  • Connect to the RChain bootstrap node
  • Participate in performance tests by running your node as the tests run across the network. 

Prepare to participate

Prior to the session, please see the User guide for running RNode for information about network configuration, installation options, and basics for running the software.   

Please plan to have RNode installed and running at the start of the session.

Installation packages

NOTE If you used a previous version of RNode, please delete your existing .rnode directory. Most errors experienced using RNode v0.6.1 relate to content in the directory from a previous version.

Please install RNode prior to the start of the testing session. If you have run RNode previously please see  CORE-961 - Getting issue details... STATUS  and  CORE-963 - Getting issue details... STATUS  for support for resolving issues you may experience preventing the successful running of RNode today.

RNode version for this session

Today we will use RChain Node 0.6.2 (687dabb1cca2a16eceb1e8d99eee29aeb57afa8f) from the dev branch of rchain/rchain.

Installation and running instructions

Please see User guide for running RNode for installation and running instructions.

Other requirements

Select a validator key

Deploy command

deploy --from "0x1" --phlo-limit 0 --phlo-price 0 --nonce 0 <path of file to be deployed>

Bootstrap node address

RNode bootstrap addresses shows all available bootstrap nodes. The bootstrap node for this session is dev.

Share your experience

You best support the improvement and development of the RChain platform when you file a bug to report challenge you faced or unsuccessful outcomes. This will help us collect all relevant information to better understand your setup and experience. 

Testing session summary

65 participants. 108 peers. Saw fixes for bugs found last week. Experienced new issues related to deploy and propose and show-blocks.

Bugs filed

key summary type created updated due assignee reporter priority status resolution

Chat log


  • Jake
  • Medha Parlikar
  • Adrian Hunter
  • Alex K
  • Andy Liu
  • Anson
  • Ben Sigman
  • Charles
  • Chibuike David Asamonye
  • Chris Griffith
  • Danafarbo
  • Dror Dayan 
  • Dubravko Golub
  • Enzo Zheng
  • Eric
  • Eric Miller
  • Fangwei He
  • Gautham Peddibhotla
  • Geoff
  • Ian Bloom
  • J Leon Yeoh
  • Jamie Cook
  • Jason Deng
  • Jeremy Busk
  • John Milburn
  • Jonathan Kocher
  • Joshy Orndorff
  • Karen Moskowitz
  • Kent
  • Kimberly Keller
  • Kyle Connolly
  • Lawrence Lerner
  • Lee Carter
  • Luigi 
  • LuJunJie
  • Mario Cao
  • Marshall Anderson
  • Mateusz Probachta
  • Matthew Kaye
  • Mervyn Chng
  • Michael Yeates
  • Mike Cartwright
  • Mike Monohan
  • Navneet Suman
  • Ned Robinson
  • Pan
  • Paolo
  • Pavitra
  • Pawel Szulc
  • pdfinn
  • Per Bergman
  • Peter Wallin
  • Peter Wassell
  • Petecheyne
  • PHil
  • Piotr
  • Seth Bailey
  • Steve
  • Shawn Harmsen
  • Steven Bezzio
  • Thomas Ingham
  • Tomisalv Grospić
  • Vadim
  • Victor/tet
  • xuqzab
  • HedgePoint
  • Per Bergman
  • VickM
  • Sunita Reddy