20180415 Dev conference day one


  • Speaker: Mike Stay
  • Tasks for followup:
    • Kelly Foster get Mike's deck to add to namespace wiki, remind him to fix a slide ("off" is incorrect)
    • IDEA: create an animation of MIke's response to the first question (00:24)
    • Kelly Foster Tell Mike from Michael Birch "Mention to Mike at some point that I don't think Rev contract needs to run in all namespaces, only the top level"

RChain state

  • Speaker: Kyle Butt (for Michael Birch)
  • Tasks for followup:
    • Kelly Foster get Birch's deck to add to wiki. Need to create a RChain state space
    • Kelly Foster ask do we need to add a RChain state take to the Mon breakout when Birch is here? He's not on the public program.

Payment semantics aka cost model

  • Speaker: Greg Meredith and Joe Denman
  • Tasks for followup:
    • Kelly Foster get Joe's deck to add to wiki
    • Medha Parlikar (Unlicensed) Who is writing up the cost model? We need to be able to point to this on the dev site. Can we ask Joe to basically publish this presentation as a paper?
      • Emphasize key points - 'Sender pays', 'Deployer pays', OOPS Errors, Concept of Phlo.
  • Notes: 
    • When is the measure of the namespaces set?  These namespaces are created in the beginning (specification of the region)
      • How do we combine the 2 measures - the cost of running A join B is the sum of costs running in A and the costs of running in B.
      • Off chain storage as a service, will have some phlo. cost associated with it.  Region defines this by fiat.
    • How soon after Mercury would the implementation of Rent (cost for persistent storage) be introduced? Medha Parlikar (Unlicensed)


  • Speaker: Mike Stay for Michael Birch
  • Tasks for followup:

Issues for breakout

ComponentIssue(s) for discussion
  • Discussion of mobility (z-X, Pawel's question) 
RChain state
  • Rev contract - How mints are created. Spawning purses, minting purses. 
  • PoS contract - bonding, unbending, active and queued validators
Cost model (payment semantics)
  • When is the measure of the namespace set? and how? (see Medha's notes in bullet #3)
  • Timing of Rent and how to make it work
  • If 2 '@foo' contracts are deployed simultaneously, how is it determined which contract points to which wallet 
  • Weights are derived from the hashes
  • No mention of tie breaking property
  • How many races should be allowed to be decided in a single block?
  • What is the synchronicity constraint to prevent a censorship attack (ignores message)
  • Question around paying out of transaction fees where they are delayed.  If fees exceed the validator's stake, then the validator could just walk.  (May require adding a portion of the fees to the bond, bond is held on to for 30 days, etc..)

Integration issues
  • Cost model has a single counter for Phlo, what happens when a process devolves across 2 namespaces.