2018-04-09 Sprint 6 retrospective

What did we do well?

  • We got RNode and RSpace released
  • We were largely problem-free during the release phase
  • Pre-release planning session for RNode-0.3 was helpful and productive
    • Going forward
      • We don't need a lot of process for this to happen. It should happen naturally and when a developer knows clarity and help are needed
      • Preference for the person who is asking for help to be the one typing (learning though doing)
      • Idea create a channel "drive thru"

What should we have done better?

  • Henry offered mea culpa to Yaraslau on asking to split out of PR
    • Thanks to Yaraslau for doing that
  • Signing problems could have been mitigated had we done more "dress rehearsal" because we didn't need all that Nash worked to deliver
    • Going forward...
  • Small, low-priority tasks don't get done
    • Going forward think about ways to complete this work and not lose sight of how it fits in. 
  • How do we capture retrospective notes as we go along?
    • Personal capturing
    • Kelly to remind in standup


  • Kelly Foster Create drive-thru channel on dev discord
  • Kelly Foster update on boarding to talk about role of pair programming
  • Kelly Foster validate on boarding is clear on code limits for PRs
  • Kelly Foster create PR template to support quality and completeness of info.