Core sprint 3 Retrospective

What did we do well?

  • Good that monitoring is getting in place. Doing so early is helpful for supporting the project down the road. It will help developers implement new features and debug. The value is we are thinking ahead in the future scope. We are demonstrating operational maturity, even if it's not exciting right now. Chris Kirkwood-WattsNash Foster
  • Good that we work toward the next release with what we have and hold to the goal of monthly releases. Chris Kirkwood-Watts
  • Tuplespace documentation is most complete and well-tested Henry Till
  • Managed to do the work for the sprint even with the coincidence of the coop governance forum. Many were able to complete work with limited availability. Kelly FosterPawel Szulc (Unlicensed)

What should we have done better?

  • Could have been more proactive in following up on getting feedback. Henry Till