Community Update 77


  • Sprint and Release
    • Planning this week for the start of Sprint 32 next week
    • Sprint 31 started June 10. Priorities are:
      • Consensus team
        • Building foundation for bonding and unbonding in Rholang
        • Investigation of increase in time to propose observed in testnet
        • Removal of faucet
        • Provide property based testing for the estimator
      • Node team
        • Resolve challenges connecting to a busy network with fairness property
        • UX improvements and optimizations
        • Bug investigations
      • Rholang team
        • Completion of work to bridge cost accounting with the wallet and proof of stake contract
        • Completion of foundational work for multisig and start on multisig
        • Bug fixes
      • RSpace team
        • Implementation of soft checkpointing
        • Foundational work for upcoming peek implementation
    • Release
  • Mercury requirements and acceptance criteria
  • Testnet status
    • Testnet-1 is live. Our intention is to keep this functioning so the community can deploy rholang to this public testnet. Please see RChain public testnet information to learn more about public testnet as well as a FAQ.
    • Changes to testnet today to support June 20 community test.
  • Community testing
    • Thursdays at 14:00 UTC.

Blockers to testnet-2

  • See complete view in  RCHAIN-3168 Getting issue details... STATUS
  • Charging for deploys creates conflicting blocks. Planning to resolve this with the implementation of peek, the ability to look at a value without logging a change. This was unplanned work. Current estimate is 3 weeks.

Risks to code completion for Mercury

  • Addition of peek implementation to the requirements required to provide cost accounting.  RCHAIN-2226 Getting issue details... STATUS  
  • Addition of work in Rholang to address bloat in the tuplespace.  RCHAIN-3542 Getting issue details... STATUS


  • Reminder, there will be no faucet after the release of RNode v0.9.8. If you rely on this feature as part of your development, please make plans now to use another process for funding vault.
  • Foundational work in progress for validator bonding and unbonding.
  • PR in review to validate process for converting ETH address to REV_Vault address to issue REV at genesis.  RCHAIN-3422 Getting issue details... STATUS


  • Fairness property work completed last week and will be part of community test this week.  RCHAIN-3454 Getting issue details... STATUS
  • Excellent progress working through the backlog of bugs and optimizations.
  • Additional work this sprint to support other teams with metrics.


  • Taking a new approach on work to deliver cost accounting with addition of another dev to help investigate and debug failing casper tests.
  • PRs in review for implementations of a basic lock and readers-writers lock to support resolution to two bugs. 

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  • Work in progress to make use of the on-chain deploy and deployer ID with a REV_Vault. 

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  • Ahead of schedule for implementing peek in RSpace. Anticipate completion by early next week. RSpace team will provide support to bring peak to both Rholang and consensus starting next sprint.  RCHAIN-2226 Getting issue details... STATUS
  • Draft PR in for  RCHAIN-3453 Getting issue details... STATUS
  • Work in progress to train Kayvan on the performance test harness, peek, and Drone in order to build depth on the team and provide better coverage.


  • Orchestrator complete for one of the hardening networks. 
  • Whiteblock work blocked by migration to secp256k1 and unblocking in progress.

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