Community Update 93


  • Release
    • Node version 0.9.15 is the current release RNode-0.9.15 release plan
    • Testnet is currenty running rnode version 0.9.15
    • The 0.9.15 includes the new type safe API (instead of Either), some fixes for Long Proposal Times Issue, Offchain-data API (events API) improvements and other incremental progress in features discussed below.

  • Sprint 39 in progress
    • Main focus on (a) Cost accounting  (b) Long proposal times - Fairness Constraint and other imrpovements (c) RSpace improvements in off-chain data API (d) multisig features (e) ongoing work in Casper tests independent of network layer (f) Ongoing work in Planning and implementation for Network safety, reliability and hardening
    • Cost accounting
      • Scope of work documented at
      • Some refactorings needed for Cost Accounting are completed
      • Implementation in progress for these preliminary tasks needed for implementing the main portions of cost accounting:
        • Generalize NormalizerEnv
        • Validate user deploy cost in replay
        • Bulletproof unforgeable-name namespace uniqueness by prohibiting terms wider than Short.MAX_VALUE splits/terms
        • Remove DeployData.payment log
        • Signed[A: Serialize] with a signing smart-constructor
      • In Review - Casper refactorings needed for Cost Accounting mainly to improve type inference -
      • Other tasks from the above link being ticketed and assigned - These tickets are more detail level arrived at based on analysis of prior tickets in cost accounting
    • Reduce long proposal times: 
      • Initial implementation of a (simple round robin) fairness constraint as an additional mechanism to address long proposal times. Will observe impact and possibly design additional variations later. A generic solution is available.
      • Exploring additional improvements to existing synchrony constraints.
      • Investigating improvements to other bottlenecks e.g. in slow finalization  RCHAIN-3872 Getting issue details... STATUS  , ignore invalid blocks in toposort etc.
      • We continue to explore various test parameters and more complex contracts, to both test the stability of this issue and make it manifest sooner if it exists.
    • Rspace
    • In Review - Implementation of mult-sig vault features is ongoing as detailed in  RCHAIN-3392 Getting issue details... STATUS   RCHAIN-3196 Getting issue details... STATUS   RCHAIN-3223 Getting issue details... STATUS  and  RCHAIN-3773 Getting issue details... STATUS .  Next step is to write tests for this.
    • Refactoring, Optimizations and bug fixes - ongoing 

Mercury requirements and acceptance criteria

Blockers to testnet-3

  • TBD

Risks to code completion for Mercury

  • Evaluating backlog vs current velocity 

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