Community Update 86


  • Release
  • Sprint
    • Sprint 36 in progress 
      • Main focus on (a) genesis ceremony (b) long proposal times (c) cost accounting specification (d) Specifying Casper tests independent of network layer (e) Increased testing
      • Genesis vault creation ceremony - issue with required signatures being investigated
      • Cost accounting - progress in cost replayability (continuing work). Ticketing the remainder of tasks in system deploy and cost accounting should be complete this week
      • Progress in investigating long propose times - Setting up Dashboards for locks/semaphores, to help investigate this as well as other cross-cutting issues in a faster way. 
      • Progress in replacing the old registry with Rholang based registry. Implementing replayability support in Peek is the current blocker. 
      • Validator bonding demo by Kent today
      • Increased testing by Dev team
        • Specifying tests needed to stress the parameters identified as enablers for the 'incentivized testnet planning' tests
        • Specifying Casper tests independent of network layer
        • Enable parallel runs of long-running tests (where some problems/bugs show up only after building a large number of blocks) in addition to current integration tests
      • Increased testing by community
        • Chinese community tested genesis ceremony last week and continues to test that and plans to test RHOC to REV conversion and transfer in the next few weeks
        • Tomislav and nutzipper identified and ran a large number of community developed tests (some very old, with old syntax) against current code. Many tests deploy. Analysis of the failed cases in process to see if any of the rest should have passed.
      • Optimizations and bug fixes
      • Planning of mainnet infrastructure is beginning this week
      • Exploring technical options and planning for Rhoc to Rev conversion, wallets and third party readiness

Mercury requirements and acceptance criteria

Blockers to testnet-2

  • See complete view in  RCHAIN-3168 Getting issue details... STATUS

Risks to code completion for Mercury

  • Evaluating backlog vs current velocity 

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