2018-10-16 Meeting notes: RChain coop web development


Oct 16, 2018


  • @Kelly Foster

  • Kevin Watt

  • Joshy Orndorff

  • Derek Beres

  • Patrick McGuire


  • Sync on web development for coop and dev pages

Discussion items





Problem: shortening time to make updates to web sites

  • Adopt Jira for task management and triage

  • Establish accountability for the system administration

  • Establish accountability and process for content publication

  • Establishing patterns and templates for pages

Problem: creating a cadence of updates

  • Shift to a two week sprint cadence

    • Requires planning

    • Requires estimating work for the devs

  • IDEA First sprint Oct. 22 - Nov 2

Problem: creating opportunities for self-service

  • Create a spec of the system

Migration of dev content

  • IDEA to bring content over to coop.rchain


Action items

@Kelly Foster create Web permissions group in Jira with attendees on this call - UPDATE: In the RChain instance of Atlassian there is a group called “CoOp employees”. I’ve added this group to permissioned parts of administering a project in Jira (ex editing tickets, creating sprints, etc). This also means that logged in users can create issues in the project, but not edit, delete, or reorganize. Patrick and Joshy are in the CoOp employees group today. Kevin and Derek received email invites and will be added once they create an Atlassian account. Happy to provide tutorial support as you get to know Jira. Let me know how I can help.
@Joshy Orndorff and Derek share with Kevin add needs for Sprint 1 to the web dev plan by EOW
@Kelly Foster to meet with web dev team on Oct.22 to assure what can get done in Sprint 1