2018-07-20 Meeting notes: RHOC/REV swap




Action items

  • Kelly Foster continue effort to locate Spanish translator
  • Kelly Foster work to create storyboard for the video
  • Kelly Foster start to plan for filming
  • Patrick Maguire work with Christian to confirm ability to do the Seattle filming
  • Patrick Maguire work with channel mods to establish a cadence of the CTA to sign up for RHOC/REV swap page updates
  • Patrick Maguire send a message to the Coop membership with a CTA that if you hold RHOC you sign up to receive updates 

Discussion items

  • Russian done
  • Chinese by Aug 1
  • Still looking for Spanish
Update to RHOC/REV page
  • Metrics indicate this is a
  • Integrate script and drawings into a storyboard
  • Andrea and Kenny to review storyboard
  • Start to plan for filming timeline (Kelly)
  • Kelly work with Jared to source film crew in UT
  • Patrick work with Christian to resource film crew for 
Work with exchanges
  • Patrick soliciting feedback on the script for messaging to exchanges
  • Patrick has contact info exchanges trading RHOC
  • Plan to reach out to all exchanges
Comm strategy for RHOC/REV page updates
  • Recommendation send a message to the Coop membership with a call to action to sign up to receive updates
  • Recommendation to announce this on a 3- to 7- day cadence on the telegram channel
  • Recommendation to announce through Discord
Crisis communication and PR
  • No decision on which org to work with. There are two
  • Idea that we are already handling comm strategy and risk mitigation well. When looking at third-party, what else would they implement or do?
  • Would they help with identifying phishing attempts? 
    • That would be useful if possible to do in a meaningful way.
Setting up the support system
  • Discussion about the support model
  • Work to start week of July 23