Storing Binary files on the blockchain

Use Case

  1. RSong - The RSong project stores songs + metadata (artwork, song descriptions) on the blockchain.  Users are charged tokens for plays.  
    1. When a user plays a song, tokens are deducted from the user's wallet and sent to a royalty contract that governs the distribution of royalties to the contributors on the song. 
    2. There is a desire to 
    3. The song is played on a mobile device
    4. Song data + metadata is requested asynchronously from the blockchain.
    5. Source Code: 

Proposal 1

Storage shard proposal - Specific shards that are tailored to store files.  The shard validators can set the  phlogiston exchange rate, such that file storage is affordable.  Shard validators can also define the set of royalty contracts that go along with the music file.

Cost: Nil

Proposal 2

Storage Registry :  RHOL-12 - Getting issue details... STATUS

Cost: 4 sprints, 2 developers.  Sharding slips to post-Mercury

Proposal 3 - Off Chain Storage

Someone builds a Smart Contract to support off Chain storage:  RHOL-788 - Getting issue details... STATUS

Cost: Nil