2018-06-25 Storage Meeting notes




  • Get COMM event measurement working in CASPER, need separate runtime for RSpace
  • Repl runtime needs to be separate from the CASPER runtime.  In the event the Repl crashes, Casper is unaffected.

Discussion items

  • Don't need a separate runtime, RholangCLI isn't a product that has to report 

  • Casper will pull in a separate runtime.  They will use a runtime they are injecting into the replay reducer or regular reducer.  Rig is not a method on the reducer, it is a method on the space.
  • The Rig method takes a root hash and a trace log.  It resets the state of replay rspace to the root hash, and it takes the trace log and builds up the replay table and allows us to run replay rspace in the desired replay mode.
    • It side effects the internal state of replay rspace.
  • Michael to create a runtime in node and pass it through to CASPER.  

  • We will have COMM event measures for deploys and replays.

Action items

  • Henry Till: Update the RSpace project to include metrics for a given runtime.