2019-01-22 Meeting notes: Extreme day 1


Jan 22, 2019


  • @Kelly Foster



Discussion topics





Wallet’s demo

  • See recording

  • CONCERN Running out of phlogiston is an issue in the process to claim a wallet.

  • Questions:

    • How much of this demo covers command line requirements? (Greg to Ed)

      • Need to discuss multi-sig requirements

      • Per Ed, this demo covers 90% of the requirements

      • Nice to have, ETH-style addresses over URI

  • Next steps:

    • What account metaphor are we going to use? (ETH?)

    • WALLET TEAM How do we deal with bootstrap problem (How can you generate a wallet without phlogiston?)

  • DECISION - Dan to demo at Jan. 23 hangout. Chris to intro. Ed to provide feedback

Discussion about time and possible attack

  • @Former user (Deleted) to ticket the question

Action items

@Kelly Foster put recording of wallet demo in Drive for team.
@Former user (Deleted) ticket the question about time and possible attack vector
wallet team: bootstrap problem (Joe proposed a blessed deployment)
wallet team: transaction logging
wallet team: wallet security (nonce, locker, unforgeable names)