Core Sprint 10 Retrospective

What did we do well?

  • Kelly Foster: excellent collaboration in RSpace & Node teams.  Teams were able to get together physically!
  • Henry Till: Got execution traces done & Deterministic RSpace done!  Collaboration with Rholang team was great.   Has had great efficient exchanges with Kent, Kyle and Michael.
  • Kelly Foster: thanks everyone for juggling life, kids and work and being available. 
  • Kelly Foster: We have a working CI solution.  Integration tests are running. 
  • Dominik Zajkowski: Great, collaborative debugging session! 

What should we have done better?

  • Kelly Foster: Some frustration around concise decision making from stakeholders, ex: secp issues.
  • Pawel Szulc (Unlicensed)Dominik Zajkowski: We should have a test net in place and use that as our base and deploy to this infrastructure.
    • Henry Till: Understand the need for a test net, but we won't have all the infrastructure overnight.  In the interim, we can use Digital Ocean (per Jeremy Busk) - we will need to spin up testing on cloud providers in the meantime.