Communications & Consensus Meeting notes




  • Consensus team to learn what is implemented in Communications in terms of message format.
  • Determine if the Consensus team can start sending messages via communications layer without any changes
  • Communicate and settle on message format for Node 0.3 for sending Rholang terms over the wire.

Discussion items

What Consensus needsMichael Birch (Unlicensed)
  • Describes the message types needed by Consensus
  • Discuss what happens when new code is added to the blockchain

 Frame what consensus needs Nash Foster
  • Node should have an API that accepts input.
    • Node informs that some input was received, signed by a key
  • What kinds of transactions can the consensus mechanism can support
  • Consensus mechanism needs to share this between nodes.
  • COMM events have some structure, this is what the algorithm cares about.

  • Message type → New block.  Parent block or parent blocks, Post state that results from the computations that were done, and the reason for these computations, justification block /slots.
    • basically a bunch of hashes of past blocks.

  • Can the consensus team create the protos and GRPC API to create and send the messages they need in order to get started?
    • Yes
  • They will write up a protobuf schema and hand to Pawel, they can start sending messages?
    • Need an API to send the messages.
  • How do they decide which peers to send messages to.  Different types of peers, validating peers and non-validating peers
    • They will get an interface that will help them to communicate on the network.  

  • Kent asks about rollback?

GRPC Protobuf in comms?Pawel Szulc (Unlicensed)
  • Are we using protos to communicate between Peers?

Where does casper live?
  • Casper will be a client of the tuplespace
  • Casper will be written in Scala
    • Bonding and unbonding portions are in Rholang
    • Slashing portion is in Rholang

Dive into CommunicationsNash FosterPawel Szulc (Unlicensed)
  • Current Comms uses UDP Handrolled thing.

Action items