Node.Hello release plan


To release the RChain communications implementation in the Node container for use by the community

In more detail:

  • Docker image for download from
  • Link on website to download the Docker image.
  • Executable the runs and finds other nodes
  • Documentation

Tickets in the Milestone:

key summary assignee status

Launch Preparation Checklist

  • Testing passed
  • Defect reporting in place & documented
  • User guide
  • Download link ready
  • Support program in place to answer questions - mailing list or channel
    • Staffing of this program.  Who will answer questions.


Start Date 
Completion Date 


Lucius MeredithCEO- CoOp 
Nash FosterCEO- Pyrofex 

Release assets

Medha's Notes:

  • → pull it down and run the Docker image?  Talk to Jeremy about it.
  • Pulling down the image can be slow if your connection is slow.  The image is huge.
  • Chris Kirkwood-Watts has a document that tells us how to run it and how it behaves, how it works and how it is doing it.  Lots of it is stubs and skeletons of future functionality.
  • stand up, and look for new peers, unless you fill the table.
  • Nothing in there that will let you get out of your home network router business unless you have static IP's or if you can figure out port forwarding on your own router.
  • Experimental, please report issues. 
  • to create issues go to: File a bug