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Release summary

The goal of the release of RNode v0.9.10 was to bring  RCHAIN-3579 - Getting issue details... STATUS  to the RChain public testnet to support  RCHAIN-3593 - Getting issue details... STATUS . Other work in this release is behind the scenes for RNode users and either provides new Rholang methods to support the consensus protocol or provides improvements. 

Work included in this release

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Description of release packaging

Release packaging will include:

  • Docker image (Supported on Linux only)

  • Debian package 

  • RPM package

  • .zip file

  • tar.gz file

  • Brew installation

Where do developers go to learn more and get started?

Please visit our release page on GitHub for binary artifacts.

A docker image is available 

docker pull rchain/rnode:latest

Homebrew installation via

brew install rchain/rchain/rnode

Where will bugs be filed?

We use JIRA to collect bugs and feedback. File a bug

Where do developers go for support? 

Please visit https://developer.rchain.coop or file a bug.

What license will this be released under?

The RChain software is licensed under Apache License, version 2.0

Rholang is licensed under the MIT License (MIT)

The Docker image is licensed under the GPL 2.0 License

Work completed since last release

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