2018-02-19 Meeting notes: Node.void launch readiness planning




  • We will use this time as a working session to review the development portion of the launch readiness plan for Node.void,
  • Update as needed, and
  • Validate it as template for future releases.

Discussion items


Review of launch readiness plan in Noid.void spec

Validate it as a template for future releases

  • Nash agreed this list is a reasonable one
  • Nash asks we update and improve going forward
 Debian and RPM release packages
  •  Yes, these should be included with every release
  • Agreement to work to include the interpreter in the Node.void release
Node metrics
  • Best practice to be able to use all data created as a metric as needed.
  • Need to select a metrics publication tool. Nash suggests Prometheus
  • Chris it assure data is accessible to the metrics tool of choice.
Node API
  • Discussion about the JSON spec for node API
    • Questions about how this is to be used
    • Kelly to schedule time for this group to discuss with Chris
  • Conversation about the need to use Protobuf going forward because it scales better and creates a more reliable experience.

Action items

  • Kelly Foster schedule time with Chris and Medha to set specific tasks and expectations for the Noid.void launch readiness plan based on the template
  • Kelly Foster talk with Chris about including the interpreter in the node.void release. What's possible?