Onboarding: the first week

You will use time this week for administrative tasks, getting oriented to the project, learning, and getting ready to jump into development work next week. 

Day 1

Theme - RChain membership, setting up communication channels, and other administrative tasks.

  1. Start on your RChain coop Membership.
  2. Read Getting Plugged In
  3. Update your information on /wiki/spaces/DOC/pages/65943.
  4. Set up your GitHub account with your primary email that you will use for the project.
  5. Send an email with your Github username to Adam Szkoda or Tomáš Virtus to add you as a collaborator to the RChain Github.
  6. Set up your account for the RChain Atlassian tools: Confluence (wiki) and Jira (ticketing system)
  7. Add your public SSH key to the development team key directory
  8. All commits must be signed using GnuPG (GPG). Use How to sign commits to rchain/rchain to add your key to your GitHub account, and prepare to sign your commits.
  9. Schedule a 30-minute meeting with Kelly for day 5 of this week. The agenda will be to add work items to your sprint board for work starting next week.

Day 2

Theme - technical interview expectations, learning about the RChain project, creating your on-boarding learning path

  1. Learn about expectations and requirements for doing technical interviews.
  2. Schedule a 30-minute meeting with Kelly to discuss technical interviews before the end of this week. This is your opportunity to ask questions about expectations and process.
  3. By the end of the day, be familiar with the project structure, status of the project, the sprint process, and the current backlog.
    1. Project structure, roadmap, and milestones
    2. Sprint Process
    3. Review the sprintbacklogs.
  4. Get started with your on-boarding learning path. Use the self-assessment and content on the Reading List

Day 3

Theme - getting started with the RChain project

  1. Take a deeper dive into learning about the components of the RChain project. These info sessions on the components of the RChain project were delivered by the development team during RCon_2 in April 2018.
    1. RNode and communications 
    2. Rholang in RChain 
    3. RSpace
    4. RChain VM
    5. The RChain blockchain structure
  2. Learn how we do documentation - Documentation review process
  3. Set up your Development Environment.
  4. Learn about how we do testing:
    1. Release management, CI, testing, and build system
    2. Set up and use the RNode Integration Testing Tool
  5. Review the Coding Standards.
  6. Review the Code Review Process.
  7. If you haven't used Github before, look at this tutorial
  8. Review the Github Fork-n-Beans Workflow.
  9. Set up your Confluence watches for RChain wiki, RoscalaRholang and Development spaces.
  10. Pick up where you left off on the Reading List

Day 4

Theme - experiment with Rholang, RNode, and RSpace

  1. Build and run Rholang from source
    1. Get started
    2. Work through the Rholang tutorial
  2. Start up the most current version of the RChain node
    1. Get started
  3. Work with the RChain storage layer: RSpace
    1. Get started
    2. Work through the tutorial
  4. Pick up where you left off on the reading list.

Day 5

Theme - plan and prepare for work next week

  1. Meet with Kelly to make a plan for your work next week.
  2. Update your watches in the wiki based on your team assignment: Roscala, Rholang, Development or RChain wiki space.  
  3. Review the Sprint Process and make sure your planned work is complete with story points.
  4. Review release plans, specifications, and code related to your work planned for next week.