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We invite members of the RChain community to participate in launching and validating starting with the Testnet-2 phase of the RChain public testnet. Please see RChain public testnet information for more information about the public testnet. We will publish more specific requirements for participating as a testnet launcher and validator on this page as it becomes available. At minimum you should be prepared

During the second phase of RChain's public testnet, Testnet-2, we invite community members to participate as validators on the network.

This is an opportunity for you if:

  • You are an RChain member. See for membership information.
  • You are considering operating as a RChain validator at some point during the Mercury phase.
  • You have the ability to install, run, operate,


  • and monitor an RNode consistently and throughout the Testnet-2 phase (2-4 weeks) beginning sometime during the week of April 15.
  • You can provision infrastructure to provide at least 16 GB RAM to your RNode. It is best if you can have 32 GB RAM.

If you're interested in participating as a validator please submit a response to this form by April 7, 2019

Please see User guide for running RNode for more information. Also, consider participating in RChain community RNode testing to help you get started with RNode.