2018-11-20 meeting notes: planning for cost accounting work




We need to decide how to distribute the cost accounting work.

Discussion items


  • Who on the team is best suited to this work?
  • Is the work ticked the right work based on Mercury MVP decisions?
What Joe learned
  • Finish short leash deploy
    • Not in scope for Mercury:
  • Adjust costs based on implementation of short leash deploy
Remove phlo-limit
RHOL-17: define contract default minimums
  • Assure in the big deploy contracts are run at the minimum cost
  • Mitigate against contract flood
  • May not be need if covered by short-leash deploy
  • Likely covered by RHOL-767
  • Closed during meeting
  • Ovidiu ~2 weeks out from being complete on F refactoring work
  • Priority for cost accounting work is completion of short-leash deploy, RHOL-775
    • Idea to have Joe further specify the open tickets for short-leash

Action items

  • Joseph Denman start work to specify the open tickets in the short-leash epic
  • Kelly Foster follow up with Kent and Arthur for the resourcing questions
  • Ned Robinson and Deanna Duke start setting expectations for feature complete date based on needed cost-accounting work.