2018-08-01 Meeting notes: RHOC/REV swap




Action items

Discussion items

  • Update: Spanish, Russian, and simplified Chinese translators found
  • Translations of page done
  • Kelly to complete storyboard/script draft by EOW
  • Plan for review mid- to late-week. This will inform scheduling for filming.
Access to coop membership
  • Nash to talk to Kenny about getting access to Coop membership to support sending comms to the membership
  • Is there a process for listing REV with the exchanges?
    • At the moment the plan is to communicate delisting RHOC and listing REV at the same time
  • What happens after RHOC is delisted?
    • Nothing will happen to it. It will sit as an ERC20 token.
  • What happens if someone misses the conversion opportunity?
    • They miss the opportunity
    • Significant efforts are in flight and in progress to inform RHOC holders of their responsibilities related to the conversion.
  • Discussion about how entities will experience the swap
Discussion about RHOC/REV swap animation
  • Kelly to schedule time with Nash and Allan to discuss
  • Kelly cue team to review and recommend content updates to RHOC/REV page to discuss at next meeting.